Christian Resource Center: Resources 

Focus on the Family     800+ audio dramas, books, DVD’s for kids     simple lessons, fun games for ages 3-7     a DVD series to help prepare engaged couples for marriage     an online assessment to evaluate married couples on twelve marital traits     an assessment to evaluate parenting skills    A list of practical and actionable strategies to reach people more effectively. These include 50 ways to: 

Strengthen ministry with children          Welcoming new people          Engaging local schools 

Strengthen ministry with youth    Strengthening adult education   Increasing active engagement 

Increasing worship attendance     Encouraging faithful giving     Improving pastoral transition 

Taking church to the community      Welcoming a new pastor 

Miultiplying the church’s leadership capacity      Improving the annual stewardship campaign     Seeking marriages healed and hurting families restored. Resources include podcasts, downloads, blog posts, online courses and group bible studies. Special events include weekend to remember, love like you mean it cruise; blended and blessed; summit on stepfamily ministry.     Various reports to assist the local church in becoming more effective. 

Know Your Community. A demographic [who people are] and psychographic [what people prefer] report. How many people live within a 15 minute drive of your church? Discover the realities of the community your church is located in; identify community needs your church can meet; identify ways your facilities can benefit the community. 

Know Your Church. A member questionnaire that measures your church’s health in the following areas: worship, evangelism, fellowship, discipleship, prayer and ministry.  

Pray & Go. A complete outreach tool kit for reaching your community through prayer. A video resource containing tips and tricks to launch and maintain an effective outreach program. Downloadable templates and sample prayers; outlines and role responsibilities and a list of prayer do’s and don’t’s. 

The Complete Membership Class Tool Kit. A comprehensive guide to in-person and virtual membership classes, helping members discover the value of meaningful church membership. Includes leader training, participant videos, bulletin inserts, an in-person guide and a virutal class guide.  

Christian Resource Center: Local Ministries 

Compassion Coalition     865-251-1591 

An organization helping the collective church respond to identified needs; equipping churches through benevolence training. Part of Knoxville Leadership Foundation. 

Hand Up For Women     865-525-9696 

Provides life management, career readiness and spiritual development courses for women coming out of drug addiction and abusive relationships. 

Walking on Water Ministries     865-258-8791 

Dove-tailing Christianity with water sports; primarily geared to youth. 

Forever Families, Inc     865-769-2611 

Provides marriage and family enrichment seminars and conferences to churches and organizations to strengthen marriages and families. 

Crown Financial Ministries, Inc     865-582-3900 

Biblically-based training to help people discover and faithfully manage their gifts, talents and resources. 

Operation Inasmuch, Inc.     865-951-2511 

A ministry that comes alongside churches to help them connect to their community through a single day hands-on ministry project. 

Knoxville International Network [KiN]     865-235-1476 

Connects international families with local partners to assist them to adapting to their new lives in America. 

BLOC Ministries 911 W. 8th St., Cincinnati, OH

Created to build connections and safe spaces for students, families and adults to thrive and succeed in spite of difficult circumstances by partnering with community organizations, schools, businesses, self-help groups and churches to impact the neighborhood served. Bloc Ministries Believes in the power of hope; Lives where we serve; One-to-one relationships; Christ in all that we do. Go to their website to see “what they do.”

Every Man Ministries.
Creating a movement of God’s men empowered to lead other men into personal character and
leadership. A church based, church-to-church movement connecting men into small groups and
life and development pathways. Practical advice and resources.

Xulon International Bible Institute
Dr. Brad Zockoll, B.A., M.A., PhD. in biblical studies. Church planter, author, teacher, adjunct
professor. 118K followers on TikTok. On Spotify, iHeart radio and Apple iTunes.
An online instructional institution focusing on the study of God’s word and courses leading to
be an instructor in the Scriptures. Building Bible leaders; Scriptural workshops; Teaching About

evangelism/leadership/missiology/church health

Dr Chuck Lawless

MDiv and PhD in evangelism and church growth

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Dean of Doctoral Studies and VP of spiritual formation and ministry centers

Southeaster Seminary, Wake Forest, NC.

Grief Recovery Ministry
The grief that comes with any emotional loss can be overwhelming and also very isolating. Friends
can be at a total loss when it comes to offering effective and meaningful assistance. The Grief
Recovery Method is a safe, evidence-informed, practice-based program that has been shown to
effectively influence components of grief and grief recovery.

Joy Gaertner is a certified Grief Recovery Method specialist, trained and certified by the Grief
Recovery Institute. Her other workshops include: divorce recovery; self-esteem; self-care for
serenity; co-dependency; and how to avoid falling for a jerk/jerkette. Her contact information is:

Phone: 865-963-9221