Director’s Word of The Week

August 10th 2022

To “revitalize” simply means to make come alive; and a checklist is simply an agenda to follow. So then, a revitalization checklist is an agenda to follow to make your church come alive. The following is a brief summary of such a checklist:

Pace: how slow or how fast can your church make the changes necessary to revitalize? Keep in mid that change opens the door for resistance and conflict. Perspective: what are the successes and failures of the church throughout its history? What really needs to be changed right now and what can be changed down the road? People: What is the capacity of your congregation to accept and implement change? Purpose: The church has only one mission: “the Great Commission” – to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Does your church know, understand and fulfill that mission? Pathway: What is the realistic next step in your church’s revitalization? What is the strategy to move the church forward? There are options: revitalization; fostering; adoption.

Place: What is the condition of your physical property? Here is some “low hanging fruit” concerning your church and especially your sanctuary. Use the five senses: Sight: what does someone see when they enter your parking lot, when they enter your church, when they enter your sanctuary? Sound: Does soft worshipful music greet your members and guests when they enter the sanctuary prior to worship? Smell: Do you have a diffuser going in the sanctuary to create a fragrant aroma. Are there air fresheners in your bathrooms? Does the children’s area smell clean? Taste: Do you have a small bottle of water to offer your guests; or some fresh coffee? Touch: Does the handshake of the greeter and their beaming smile make your guest feel really welcome?

Consider using this checklist to begin the process of revitalization at your church. If you would like help, please contact me here at the station. My email is My phone is 833-272-5669.